The 3 most beautiful villas of the world with great design, places that conquers at first sight

The world is so unknown that we sometimes do not have no idea of the beautiful places that exist on the planet. There are small places whose beauty is surprising to anyone, including those who reside in them.

Below we show you some of the most beautiful villages of the planet, from Mali to Tibet, until reaching the land of Iran. This selection of photographs was performed by different photographers from around the world that managed to capture the colors and the architectures of the sites, and at the same time, showing the socio-economic contrasts of each place.

Let your eyes to travel to detail every millimeter of the photographs, it allows your mind to make a cyber trip to those places. You can also rent such beautiful villas like these ones at Mauritius villa


2. Riomaggiore is a village in the province of La Spezia, situated in a small valley in the Liguria region, Italy

3. FORT Bourtange is a fortress with star. It is located in the village of Bourtange, Groningen, The Netherlands

Costume designer of “Divergent” reveals her sketches!

Kate Winslet/ eOne Films

/ eOne Films

 eOne Films

 eOne Films

The designer she had to invent all clothing, from shoes, trousers, jackets or accessories. An opportunity “to create a totally different world”

After several annihilating wars, the world has changed radically: adapt to a new situation, a new order and other customs, even to new schedules, requires strength of group decision and, above all, not clash. The world is no longer what it was, and one does not know what to wear.

Veronica Roth is one of those people who thinks of everything. He has 25 years and is the author of a new literary series based in a dystopian future that has jumped to celluloid:”Divergente”, which has already sold more than 20 million copies worldwide, “Insurgent” and “Loyal” make up a metaphor in three volumes of how anxieties of adolescence just transcend to the most intimate part of an adult.

Hence the keen interest in the world of cinema in this story.

Society, divided into virtues

The film, which faithfully reflects the literary argument, is set in a post-apocalyptic future in which the population has been divided into five factions differentiated according to the virtues that closest to your way of being – erudition, self-sacrifice, truth, cordiality and daring-, a system accepted by all as a means of maintaining peace.

The clothing should provide psychological explanations, says the author of the book, Veronica Roth; Shailene highlights the great transformation affecting his character, the passage of “self-denial” to “bold”

The members of each community, which stands at a glance thanks to their outfits, pass a test that helps them choose the group to which is better acoplarían, but some, like the protagonist, Beatrice Prior (Shailene Woodley), does not fit in anywhere: it is “divergent”, has a way of thinking itself and the community understands that it may be a danger to the rest.

“The book defines everything completely, but for me, as director, the challenge was to make it real”, explains the filmmaker Neil Burger tape in an interview with Efe, held in Madrid on the occasion of the release of the film.

“It wanted the public to know what faction it belongs, but without uniforms, I left them they categorize with small details, without turning their clothes into uniforms, I had that each carried a little I would like to, reinforcing the idea that look like, or not” detailed Burger.

Maggie Q and Shailene Woodley en Divergent/ eOne Films

And to make it credible, was hired to Carlo Poggioli, “an amazing costume designer”, says Burger.

“Carlo a style very individual, almost for everyone, came up with either a main character or an extra Fund”, says filmmaker.

In addition, clothes should provide psychological explanations, says the author of the book, Veronica Roth; Shailene highlights the great transformation affecting his character, the passage of “self-denial” to “bold”.

Of modesty voluptuousness

“Self-denial” members are officials who put no doubt beyond their own needs; given that altruism — it aims Poggioli – “there was no need to give color to your clothing, so we dress them in natural woven and grey tones, it’s clothes without vanity”.

However, the “bold”, the order guards, are people without fear of showing their preparation and physical and mental strength with three-dimensional and technical fabrics; they dress in the darker tones of black, Burgundy, brick and plum, that “highlight the attention to detail and the functionality of your wardrobe”.

In the same way, ‘friendliness’, representing people who personifies the joy of living, should dress “a range of colors from red to yellow, Sun-drenched”, says Poggioli.

Thousands of garments with 45,000 meters of fabric

“‘Truth’ is brutally honest people who see the world in black and white, and of those colors we wear them; and for ‘Scholarship’ – intellectuals and scientists – combine shades of blue; In addition, to stimulate the mind, they are stylish cuts that recall typical robes white and long lines. The example is their leader, Jeannine (Kate Winslet) ” “.

“It was a great challenge, we had to invent it all. “Is the first film I do in which I had to do everything from shoes, trousers, jackets or accessories”, says designer Carlo Poggioli

“More importantly for ‘selflessness’ is not to show skin. So at the beginning, Beatrice is completely covered; When it comes to ‘bold’ is the opposite; becomes ‘Tris’, begins training, and the fight, and his body is transformed. The clothing will help it a lot. We found his body,”says Poggioli.

The designer traveled to Rome, Budapest, Bucharest, Chicago and Los Angeles workshops and there were thousands of garments, which employed more than 45,000 meters of fabric.

“It was a great challenge, we had to invent it all. It is the first movie that I do that I had to do it all, from shoes, trousers, jackets or accessories. Each set is completely new. This project was an opportunity to invent a completely different world”, indicates the designer.

Click here to watch Divergent online.

Using glass walls, a beautiful and practical decoration

paredes acristaladas de Joanna Freudenreich Kubicek

If you have a small space and your partition walls even more dwarf it if you have House with little light and want to enjoy it in all your rooms and corners, or on the contrary you have an open space and want to continue enjoying it but your needs do not permit it to, either because you have children, you share housing or need spaces where work in a relaxed I have the perfect solution.
It uses glass walls, a magnificent solution, a very useful idea for many households,beautify and illuminate your stays. But you just do to the idea, take a look at this beautiful Polish apartment designed by the Interior Designer Joanna Freudenreich Kubicek, is spectacularly beautiful.
paredes acristaladas de Joanna Freudenreich Kubicek
paredes acristaladas de Joanna Freudenreich Kubicek
They are the typical windows and stadip laminated acoustic alass glazing used in the old factories or warehouses, on occasion have seen them in remodeling, factories converted into houses or studies, as in a warehouse converted into a wonderful shared Studio, where simply have retained them.
Today we see how they reuse them to give them a new use, as partition walls in common areas or even individual, put them in the kitchen, in the garden or in the bathroom and in the room, you can always put curtains for the moments that you are looking for privacy, in this way you not privas light and breadth to your home.
paredes acristaladas de Joanna Freudenreich Kubicek
paredes acristaladas de Joanna Freudenreich Kubicek
It is an intermediate solution for those people who doesn’t convince them to in corporate the kitchen to the dining room, see the breathtakingly beautiful than is in this kitchen, combining the aesthetic industrial hydraulic tiled floors and classic furniture painted white. Again using the same glazing in some kitchen cupboards, it is a luxury to behold.
You noticed the beautiful detail of the black side table with low chrome House Tolixs tools placed in a corner of the windows, it is a beautiful combination. While kitchens you can observe from this viewpoint throughout your House, without feeling that these separate from it. All decorated in shades of white and black, in contrast to thesoils of natural wood from the rest of the floor.
paredes acristaladas de Joanna Freudenreich Kubicek
I take this opportunity to show the entire apartment, you’re going to enjoy, combines classic style parts, classics of industrial design with modern design furniture.  As cartons tools Tolix, the great Josef Hoffmann Cubus, original chairs sofa corrugated WiggleSide Chair of Frank O. Gehry, or classics such as hydraulic tiles and marble kitchenstack.
It also uses antique pieces to give a warm touch, in the original case of the House asthe radiators and iron columns worked, table dining room wood or reinterpretations of antiques as the wonderful bath tub. Joanna mix without fear all kinds of objects, the only link in common is color, all in black and white.
paredes acristaladas de Joanna Freudenreich Kubicek
Bath is a real beauty, it is next to the kitchen the best House, with its white and narrow,typical subway tiles, placed as a soffit, the bathtub in white and black and the finebattery twice as black granite, again resorts to the hydraulic tile flooring, gives it awelcoming touch to the space.
As you can see resorting to glass walls it is a very valuable resource for a multitude of solutions, is a very versatile that fits any decor, perfect idea for a loft and sophisticated  for a classic home, is also ideal for a House, or a practical solution for giant spaces or small studios.
paredes acristaladas de Joanna Freudenreich Kubicek
paredes acristaladas de Joanna Freudenreich Kubicek

Smile design: A procedure that is not for everyone

As part of the huge range of cosmetic procedures offered in the market, the smile design is one of the most sought after since lately has been sold as a magic solution toimprove the appearance of the mouth and the face in general.

But there are some topics that are not mentioned either in magazines or in commercials that advertise this procedure, and it is if performed without previous studies or with materials that do not match will generate more problems that resolve.

This is the reason why St. Lucie Center for Cosmetic Dentistry wants to share with you details of the design of smiles, if you’re interested in making you the procedure and have in mind pros and cons.

What a smile design?

Reason why disciplines are involved in this procedure, such as orthodontics,Endodontics , oral rehabilitation, Periodontology, maxillofacial surgery, among others.

As you can see, the design of smiles or previous aesthetic restoration, as it is professionally called, is something serious that requires advice from professionals in the field who also have technology and inputs required.

Who needs a smile design?

The idea is not to discredit this treatment because like any technological advance has positive aspects, which have solved the lives of thousands of people in the world, but it is convenient to clarify also that not all people require it.

The people that really need the smile design have some of the following problems:

  • Stains that can not be solved with tooth whitening.
  • Fractures of teeth.
  • Worn teeth for years.
  • Spaced teeth and/or gums.
  • Teeth shorts
  • Size or position of the jaw which impede its functioning

As you can appreciate aesthetics it is somewhat lower in the list and is focused on notorious people, who have suffered permanent and severe accidents in your mouth.

However, if you’re still not sure if this is your case, or want a second opinion, you can find a diagnosis with x-rays, designs on computer of the procedure and photographs, all done by a professional who will determine the relevance or not of the same.

What consequences can have a bad design of smile?

The idea is not sounding alarmist but point out a fact that may impact oral health if not done properly, where the main errors are incomplete assessments or lack of professional ethics of some doctors.

Examples of this are the treatments that are performed in a short time (between 3 to 4 months) as a process of Orthodontics requires between 1-2 years, and what is really happening is to weaken the root of teeth because they lose anchorage.

Another mistake is trying to change the shape of the teeth of a round that is natural for a square, and for this purpose they sandpaper or applied resins, that medium-term begins to generate bacterial plaque retention between the tooth and the gums causinginflammation of the gingiva and the weakening of the bone.

Sometimes applies a veneer or porcelain prosthesis very large, resulting in too much pressure on the tooth, which begins to fracture by different points, which wear out the nerve and end up forcing do ducts.

Finally, another wrong procedure is made orthodontics and tooth whitening at the same time, because when movement of teeth is not recommended to make any other treatment.

Incidentally, another myth that exists in the dental health is the whitening of the teeth, making believe that the ideal color of them is pure white when the natural color to a pale yellow.

10 movies for every designer and creative

Every Designer or creative has the gift of having taste for visual culture. Aware that being a Designer is to be working within the branches of art, the need becomes even greater.

One of the many inspirations that can tell a Designer or creative is the seventh art. As viewers wanted a visual stimulus by them, either by his art, costumes, script or Photo address.

Constant sometimes are looking for films that have a striking and original visual proposal, it is not necessary to have the best script within the industry, if that non-unique.

A film serves as a reference to a Designer, can help you develop the eye in terms of visual and aesthetic composition, and influence it for future projects.

Here are a list of 10 films recommended by MovieTubeNow that every Designer and creative should see for your visual proposal, his use of color and composition.

For his handling of color
These films are characterized by using a color palette that highlights in the eyes of all the spectators. His images are clean and mixed typefaces and original music that inspire every designer. The colors that stand out in these films are the ochres, Greens and reds.

1-Amelie (2001) director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Amelie Da Vinci Estudio Grafico

2-The Fall (2006) director: Tarsem Singh


3-Melancholia (2011) director: Lars von Trier


4-Moonrise Kingdom (2012) director: Wes Anderson


5-The Shining (1980) director: Stanley Kubrick


6.-Moulin Rouge! (2001) director: Baz Luhrmann


7-Pan’s Labyrinth (2004) director: Guillermo Del T



8.-Single Man (2009) Director: Tom Ford


9-Where the Wild Thing Are (2009) director: Spike Jonze


10-The Science to Sleep (2006) director: Michel Gondry


Bio Smile Design and Dental Aesthetics

That is the design of smile:

Smile design consists of teeth to ideal conditions of size shape and color, according to the face, personality, and the specific features of each patient. It is very important to determine the conditions and the expected results since many patients seek in some cases s teeth that are not compatible with them, and as a result will look fake, and Affordable Dentist in Albuquerque seeks to take the teeth to a natural and highly harmonic State and visually pleasant.

Bio smile design.

Changes that if transformed.


Design in harmony with the face.

We plan changes in the appearance of the teeth according to the shape of the face and achieve more natural and stunning results.

The size of the teeth if you change.

The length, the width and the thickness of teeth influences much aesthetics. BIO orthodontic care these and many other details so that the result is spectacular.

The tone is more important than the whiteness.

Beautiful smiles does not mean very white smiles. The hue of the color of the teeth must be in harmony with the skin. Exaggerated white tones can be very artificial and anti-esteticos.

Individualization of treatment.

BIO orthodontic planning of each case is very different. Smile design should have a personal touch that is suitable for the patient. All of our patients are very different but very harmonic smiles. This makes it more natural.


With and without orthodontics.



Pre-design of smile with orthodontics.

We plan changes in the appearance of the teeth according to the shape of the face and achieve more natural and stunning results.

Free orthodontics smile design.

It is made by changing the shape and size of the teeth through veneers or aesthetic lamellae that adhere directly on the outer surface of the teeth. BIO orthodontic design veneers which are then manufactured in special porcelain with very thin thickness of 0.3 mm. They are highly resistant and achieved a very natural look.


Lightening or bleaching?



Lightening or bleaching?

The difference is important.

The real color of the teeth.

Natural teeth are not completely white. Advertising, films and television programmes have created the idea that beautiful teeth are very white, but this is not true.

A change of tonality Yes improves the aesthetics

The whitening carried to extremes (white chalk) are not very aesthetic. A good bleaching, or better clearance, that achieves a change of several degrees within the basic tone of the teeth is much more natural, comfortable and long lasting.

Systems BIO: Mix Plus, Plus and Simplex.

BIO orthodontics we have three sets of clearance very safe and efficient that adapt to all cases and budgets. Already requested your appointment to assess your case.


Controlled full clearance.



Controlled full clearance.

Three special BIO systems.

BIO system Mix-Plus.

It is the most complete and controlled system. There are three clinical sessions office controlled by the specialist. Fully protecting the gums and lips applies a whitening gel on teeth and is activated by a special light. We do not use laser for any damage that may result in nerve and teeth.

BIO Plus system.

He is a clinical session at the clinic fully controlled. Then the patient is made auto-aplicaciones controlled at home under very safe conditions.Always under our supervision.

BIO Simplex systems.

A previous preparation of the patient in the doctor’s office is. The patient performs all the auto-aplicaciones in your home under the supervision of a specialist.


For an only tooth whitening?



For an only tooth whitening?

A very good solution for a specific problem.

Death of the nerve by Trauma or decay.

Which is the nerve of the tooth, technically called dental pulp, it gives vitality and keeps it ‘alive’. Extensive or deep decay, and direct trauma can injure the nerve and it can die. This death is called pulp necrosis. Nerve inside the tooth, Crown and along the root.

Nerve “dies” and the tooth changes colour.

When the nerve dies of tooth color change. Sometimes the change is abrupt and fast. Other times it is slow and progressive. When this happens it is necessary to make the nerve or root canal treatment. It is an “internal” procedure to remove the dead nerve, Polish and clean the inner duct, and then fill the space formerly occupied by the nerve with a special material.

And then the aesthetic solution: individual whitening.

BIO orthodontics we also conduct individual teeth whitening. Methods and substances special whitening only tooth that apply are used. With a strict control. And outcomes: are incredible!


Veneers prior for all the teeth.



Veneers prior for all the teeth.

When is the need for change more extreme.

When the genetic fault.

Each individual’s own genetics directs the way the teeth are formed.Sometimes arise interference during the training process much until your teeth erupt or appear in the mouth.

The type of disturbance may vary.

When the process failure can be altered the form, structure, size or color of the teeth. These alterations occur much until the teeth come out and appear in the mouth.

Great aesthetic problems: Excellent solutions in BIO ORTHODONTICS!

BIO orthodontics we take care of many patients with large problems.Sometimes the upper arch and six in the lower arch porcelain veneers placed six porcelain veneers when all anterior teeth are with large alterations. And outcomes: are enchanted for life!.


Individual veneers for one or two teeth.



Individual veneers for one or two teeth.

High quality resins are a good and economical alternative.

Sides taper top.

Each individual’s own genetics directs the way as they grow and develop teeth. Sometimes altered the shape and size as in this case of two conical top Rails.

Transform the size, shape and color of the teeth.

Veneers in high quality with technical multi-layers resin allow very satisfactory levels of restoration when for economic reasons cannot be porcelain veneers. They are restorations that will last for many years with proper care.

Small changes: Big results in BIO ORTHODONTICS!

In BIO ORTHODONTICS also serve many patients with minor problems. In these cases the restored teeth are planned so that they are in harmony with the entire dental and facial person… And aesthetic results: speak for themselves!.


Yes is good change the gray tights!



Yes is good change the gray tights!

The amalgam is no longer considered a good material.

A bit of history.

Grey wheels shims are made of amalgam. Amalgam is an alloy or mixture of various metals (mercury, silver, Tin, copper, zinc, etc.). This alloy is very resistant and was the best material for many years. These metals are releasing little by little into the mouth and can cause impaired metabolism in people.

Resins: excellent level of hardness, resilience and adaptation.

Current resins used in BIO ORTHODONTICS, based on developments of nano-particles, represent an excellent choice for changing or “shims” posterior teeth from the mouth (molars). They resist the forces of mastication and not wear out easily. They are restorations that will last for many years with proper care.

How to “design” your voice to be deeper

Not all were blessed with the gift of a deep, velvety, mysterious voice. Especially for the girls, it is very difficult to have this kind of voice naturally. Some girls are given by arm wrestling and prefer to raise the tone of his voice and extend the last letters of the words to sound more tender. Many boys, on the other hand, manage to develop a voice more serious over the years, although some permanently retain tone high, in the same way that some seem to have tenor voice since childhood. Visit to get more detail.


  1. Permanently Lower Your Voice Step 1.jpg
    Evaluates if really need you a more serious voice. It sounds very little natural when a 10 year old boy, that in your mind you associate with sweets and drawings of Rainbow, surprises you with a very deep voice. If you are one 15-year-old boy, or a girl with a dark touch in a natural way, develop a voice deeper it potentiate your image and will help you to go crazy to people of the genre that attracts you.
     Permanently Lower Your Voice Step 2.jpg
  2. 2
    See examples of famous people with deep voice for an example to follow.The boys have a wide range of actors who can take as an example; If you’re a girl, you can see the sexy image and personality of Marlene Dietrich to give you an idea of how their roles of women outside the stereotypes made it one of the most desirable actresses.
  3. Permanently Lower Your Voice Step 3.jpg
    Begins slowly and sees making gradual progress with your voice. If you pass an Augustine soprano voice to let your hoarse throat with tones more low and deep that you can force, everyone will discover your intentions and the jokes will be present (there will be who give you an expectorant cough syrup). Talks uses the opening words and the end to use a more serious tone. Know subtle changes.
  4. Permanently Lower Your Voice Step 4.jpg
    Begins to speak from your stomach rather than only from the throat.Consciously pushing down your Adam’s Apple (the girls also have a, which is only very small); practice passing saliva: the last position when the liquid goes down your throat until it returns to its normal state is the point that you are seeking to talk. Another option to increase the depth of your voice is to push the front part of your tongue back;This may sound complicated, but if you try several positions you’ll find one that works well for your voice without too tighten the muscles of the mouth and throat.
  5. Permanently Lower Your Voice Step 5.jpg
    For a time you will need to lower the tone of your voice deliberately until it becomes a habit. Always think of the inside of your head in a voice that is deep and velvety, rather than unstable and sharp style.
  6. Permanently Lower Your Voice Step 6.jpg
    If you try to change your voice, but you are not successful, perhaps the voice is not for you. The high tones can also be attractive: the voice is not a factor that will determine whether the people you love or you hate.


  • The girls should not imitate a low-pitched tone exactly equal to that of a man, because it would sound very little natural.
  • If you like girl you have a notably sharp voice, don’t worry much in this regard. A large proportion of boys a high-pitched voice attracts them because it is stereotypically feminine. You should only be quite a voice serious if you want to attract boys or girls who a touch less feminine, sophisticated and dark complexly pleases.
  • If as Guy have reached an age that assumes that your voice should have been made deeper and has not happened, not anyone you: it will happen naturally later, or will not happen. Many girls and boys can be attractive with a high voice, which will find more cheerful, perceptive and accessible.
  • Unconsciously has to relate with sharper voices cheerful personalities, and the deeper tones of voice with personalities that have a dark touch. This is usually correct, so it is useful to know what are the impressions at first glance you will notice with each type of voice.
  • If you want to make your voice sound sexy to your partner, try to talk to a lower volume: this will make make your words sound in a deeper tone in a natural way, in addition to the other person will need to go to you to hear better (two birds with one stone!).

How to make a good movie poster

The movie posters are famous artifacts. They symbolize the glorious era of cinema and show what the film is about. A good poster can sell the film itself only. So, how is a poster for a film?

imagen 7


  1. Start by seeing the movie several times (you can visit movietubenow for as many movies as you expect); in this way you will have a clear idea of your argument and the best way to express that concept. Once you understand what it is about the film, you must concentrate on the special effects. Was there any effect that you’ve considered surprising? There is a scene in the film that says it all? Looking for an image of that scene and import it into Photoshop.
  2. Check out the frames. Choose one or several photos showing the main cast, particularly to the protagonists, and also put them into Photoshop.
  3. Sorts the frames so that they are attractive to the eye and to express the concept of the film. Select a color that complements the details of the Fund and which at the same time highlight the for the title.
  4. Write the title using the text tool of Photoshop. The title and the sentence must be sufficiently prominent to be read from a distance. They can have different fonts, but it is convenient that they are at least similar. All other information (for example, “coming soon to cinemas”) should also have a similar font. However, this is not to add too much text; otherwise the images, which are those actually sold the film, will be upstaged.
  5. Use a small font, not bold, to add information about key players and the cast, i.e., appropriations. In general, these data are included at the bottom of the poster;However, you can reverse the order and locate the text at the top where the image elsewhere is shocking. You have your movie poster; You can print it in any printing or House of photography.


From a Ferrari belonging to the legendary actor Alain Delon to extravagant Cabriolet used by King Farouk I of Egypt, they integrate the Baillon collection which remained forgotten for more than fifty years in stores and barns of a French-owned

For more than half a century, cars belonging to the newly-discovered collection Baillon remained forgotten in stores and barns of a property located in the West of France.

The vehicles that make up this collection were acquired by businessman Roger Baillon, who headed a transport company and intended to mount a museum with these specimens.

The collection is composed by 60 models that represent a unique find for diversity and the exquisiteness of the parts.

Recently, the Artcurial auction house has announced the sale of the listed models, several of which predate World War I, advises the site Russia Today.

JR shares them today images in this collection, which illustrates much of the history of automobile design.

Found models constitute milestones in design concessionnaire auto occasion the 70’s and the early years of the 20th century.

In the catalog of the newly discovered collection Baillon there are treasures like the Maserati A6G great Sports of 1956, of which there are only three copies.

An extravagant cabriolet which belonged to King Farouk I de Egipto is part of the collection Baillon.

The Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider in the collection belonged to Alain Delon.Among the photos that exist of the actor behind the wheel, there is one of 1964 in which poses with Jane Fonda during the filming of the film ‘The cats’ (René Clément, 1964) and another on the French Riviera with Shirley MacLaine. It is estimated that you can reach 12 million euros at auction.

Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider of 1961 and Maserati A6G great Sport of 1956, two of the most sought-after vehicles in the collection.

The entrepreneur Roger Baillon collected these cars with the intention of creating a museum that would bring together its most valuable specimens.

Vehicles of the newly discovered collection Baillon has been saved during this time in a property West of France.

How to start as a fashion designer

There is no formal education or qualification required to become a successful designer, but this does not make it be easier. You need to have a mix of drawing, sewing and design skills, knowledge of the industry of fashion and perseverance without equal. In this article you’ll find some ideas that may help you get started.

Method 1 of 5: perfecting your skills in fashion design

  1. Become a Fashion Designer Step 1 Version 2.jpg

    Develops your skills. Successful fashion designers have a wide range of skills, including drawing, eye for color and texture, ability to visualize concepts in three dimensions and mechanical skills relating to cutting and preparation of all types of fabrics.

    • Take sewing classes if still you do not master well this ability. It is imperative to be able to sew difficult fabrics under complicated situations when you design clothes. You need to feel safe using the sewing machines, including the industrial and also need to be good sewing by hand.
    • Learn how to create patterns. Know how to identify a style that you like and play back it on a free pattern you will be in a good place throughout your career but you must keep improving it is a skill that not everyone possesses.
    • Understands how move fabrics, how they fall, they sweat, they react when sunsets, etc. Your in-depth knowledge of fabrics is absolutely essential to use them appropriately when designing. You should also know where to buy them.
    • Learn about designers as existing, not only who they are, but their backgrounds, their signature style, was the first thing they learned. Knowing this will help you be a better designer because you can borrow and create from your ideas.
    • Learn how to create storyboards and product ranges. I know good looking for trends through the media, comparison shopping and fashion exchange programs.
  2. Become a Fashion Designer Step 2 Version 2.jpg

    Begins to develop these skills and young. Be prepared to devote hours and hours of your time to improve your work.

    • Learn more. If you can, it is a good idea to obtain a diploma or certificate in fashion design or similar. You will learn many things, make excellent contacts from the beginning and will have an ample opportunity to show off your skills in a less judicious environment (though be prepared to receive criticism!). Get one (or two) of the following things:
    • Get a degree in fashion design. Most of these races are three or four years. In your country you will find at least two schools or universities from the most popular to carry out these studies. Study drawing, color and composition, creating patterns and cover. In addition to also learn practical skills like these, you’ll work with professionals in the industry will be important contacts in the future that will advise you and make constructive comments about your work.
  3. Become a Fashion Designer Step 3 Version 2.jpg
    Requested a period of learning or practices. If the school is not for you, or simply believe that the experience will be most beneficial for you, is where do internship as a designer. You need to have a portfolio that can impress when you ask for it and want to start from the bottom; in practice people often receive mere tasks like carrying coffee. Again, the contacts you make through your internship or period of learning will be vital when it comes to pursue your career in the fashion world, and work with industry professionals will give you the opportunity to absorb and develop important skills first hand.

Method 2 of 5: searching for what fashion is your passion

  1. 1

    Decide which design is your main interest. You may need to start from the bottom, but you need to have a goal in mind of what kind of style you want design throughout your life. Are high fashion, casual, sporty, interested mostly for the public at large or small as the organic clothing? Each has its advantages and disadvantages that you need to explore before deciding finally what path to follow. Within these fields, you will also need to decide which sub-area will belong your design. You may want to start in a couple of areas, but you do not lay too since it is better to improve an area and then experience when you have a hole in the industry. For example:

    • Day of the woman, women sleepwear clothing.
    • Day of man, male sleepwear clothing.
    • Ninoas/as clothes; Youth clothing.
    • Sportswear / gym.
    • Point items.
    • Outdoor, adventure activities.
    • Wedding.
    • Accessories.
  2. Become a Fashion Designer Step 4 Version 2.jpg
    Design for theatre, film and advertising industry and sale to the retail.
  3. Become a Fashion Designer Step 5 Version 2.jpg
    Plans to some strong points. What is your strong absolute in design? Perhaps you’re a genius with accessories or yoga pants. Your passion and skills are the most important part of the equation. Of course, the second part is to fit this in to the market, which in fashion is in part to convince the market and partly to realize what the market is asking.

Method 3 of 5: deciding if the fashion industry is ready for you

  1. 1


    • Evaluate your skills and personality honestly before pursuing a career in the world of fashion design. You can’t love the clothes but the clothing is only part of the story when you first start in fashion design. You will also need a few communication skills excellent, desire to work very hard (usually 24/7), be hard to accept criticisms, ability to manage stress, be open to have many customers and heads various, accept that there will be occasions where you are alone or isolated (depending on how approaches your business career or design) and the ability to be disciplined.
    • Being a designer it is possible for you if: like to fully devote your life to this race (is your “vocation”), not you restless uncertainty or insecurity, are willing to reaffirm you in what you believe, have different ideas about what is important in fashion, listening well to customers, know the fashion industry inside and out and live you eat and breathe fashion.
  2. Become a Fashion Designer Step 6.jpg
    Be a designer not possible for you if: You can not handle stress well, you don’t like uncertainty or instability, like a career without many high or low, you need others to praise your efforts, need you to guide, hate to be economically unstable and have other many interests in your life.

Method 4 of 5: preparing for success

  1. 1


    • Learn more about the economic side of fashion. Be a successful fashion designer not only talent and creativity, also requires some knowledge of Economics and marketing from the fashion world. Keep you informed regularly of the events in the fashion industry reading periodicals in this world.
    • Many fashion design programs include courses in marketing. Some grades give more importance to marketing than others, so make sure you do a broad search for what will be the course you choose. If you have already studied some of these courses but not deepened in some aspects of the marketing/business, consider making short courses on these aspects of the business.
    • Learn beyond design. There is a whole chain throughout the fashion industry and you need to understand what is the work of each, so you can also see things from their perspective, and thus commit, fulfill orders and understand towards where things are going. Search about what others do, such as buyers, advertisers, pattern makers, experts in garments and fabrics, quality drivers, students, workers, responsible for sales, PR and marketing, fashion journalists, retailers, stylists people, and more.
    • Meet your customer. This skill is basic and essential and a fashion designer should never lose her sight. You know how much your customers spend, what are their lifestyles, where they like to buy, how they like to buy and what they like or not. You know what are absolute necessities and what are the things you buy only when revenues are less tight. If you have marketing, you should have a solid understanding of how to work with the needs of customers.
    • You know your competitors. Always keep an eye on what they are doing the rest of designers from your area of interest. Better still, overcoming them while you meet your customer’s needs.
  2. Become a Fashion Designer Step 7.jpg
    Markets are a great place to develop a better understanding of how it works in the fashion industry and what will work you to you in terms of complying with the needs of the customer and be competent.
  3. 3

    Looking for a fashion design job near me.

    There are several ways to find work in the industry of fashion as a designer, and they depend on the type of design in which you are interested. In some cases, being versatile will help you much, enough so that you acquire experience and you can then jump to your true passion. And in most cases, you will need to be persistent and ask many squares to get where you want. For those who start, some of the places where ask work include:

    • Existing firms and designers – seeks to make practical, jobs gaining the minimum wage, Assistant designers, etc.
    • Jobs at film studios, theaters, costumes, etc.
    • Online ads through various agencies work online.
  4. Become a Fashion Designer Step 8.jpg
    Word of mouth – uses your school or contacts in the industry to make you a hole. In an industry that values what people that is already inside have to say, this is a good way to start.
  5. 5
    If you open your own design, be prepared to be economically shrewd business. You can be exceptionally creative but estate completely sure that if you manage your own fashion company, will need to have tables for the business. You need to understand the numbers and bills that are stacked on your table. If you really hate these things, there are good choices, ask an accountant to be responsible for all financial matters, but yet you are still paying to keep you at the top. And if you really, really, hate this aspect of the world, looking for work as a fashion designer at a firm rather than your own.
  6. Become a Fashion Designer Step 9.jpg
    What kind of trader you will be? There are many possibilities, including the living alone, with partners, companies, etc. Each has distinct advantages and disadvantages that you should consult with your legal and financial advisors before proceeding. Make sure you have legal cover under all circumstances, especially if you move into a particular litigant culture.
  7. 7

    Be realistic. You may be willing to move to win your market but it depends on how you work and bandages. Being realistic means to recognize that it makes no sense trying to sell Couture people who only want to work in a small town clothes while it is not good to try to sell a bikini to an Eskimo. You will need to focus on where is likely to be your market and think well if you will be living and working in the same place or how best to distribute your products from your area to the place where it will sell better.

    • Keep in mind the influences that surround you. As a creative person, part of your creative process comes from being with people they untie him through your ideas and suggestions. It is harder to do this single or working alongside people who have the same taste or sense of fashion than you.
    • Remember that seasonal changes impact on fashion design and that they can influence the type of clothing that you are taking place and where you want to sell it.
    • Consider the power of selling online. Making you with images of great quality in three dimensions and that they might be more close or be rotated, selling your designs around the world today is another possibility. This allows you to have greater flexibility to choose where to live and design and reduces travel to work every day to zero. This may be the ideal plan if you have idea of staying in a small fashion firm. Even so, should be possible to travel to major fashion shows.
    • Living in a city with a thriving design industry is good for many designers.According to the Global Language Monitor (GLM), the following cities were the main fashion capitals in 2012, in descending order:
      • London, England
      • New York, USA
      • Barcelona, Spain
      • Paris, France
      • Madrid, Spain
      • Rome, Italy
      • Sao Palo, Brazil
      • Milan, Italy
      • Los Angeles, USA
      • Berlin, Germany

Method 5 of 5: create your Portfolio

  1. Become a Fashion Designer Step 10.jpg

    Brings your work in a portfolio. Your design portfolio will be vital when you look for work or practices, since it is your opportunity to sell yourself and your work.Your portfolio should show your best work, and highlight your skills and creativity. Use a folder of quality to show that you take yourself seriously as a designer. It includes the following things in your portfolio:

    • Sketches made by hand or photographs of these sketches.
    • Designs made to computer.
    • Curriculum Vitae.
    • Samples.
    • Presentation of colors or textiles.
    • Any other example that reflects exactly what you are capable of doing and what can evolve.
  • Create a good logo if you manage your own fashion company. You will define your style from the beginning and therefore need to be good since that time. It is worth hiring a graphic designer if you well this aspect.
  • Take your own designs-all you can. Better way of promoting your clothing that carry it? When the people ask you, be prepared to explain everything in a brief and concise way but to call the attention of which you asked.
  • If you start your own fashion company, you need a good advice from the beginning.Surround yourself with a team of advisors financial, legal and marketing of trust, and pay according to what they need instead of having them in template.
  • Learn from the beginning to prepare acceptable snacks and meals. The hours can be very long to designing fashion, and it can sometimes be impossible to leave your “creative place”. Your brain needs a good nutrition, so remember bring meals and healthy snacks that you can take to stay after the intellectual and physical effort going from one side to another without “die of hunger”.
  • I read a lot. Find the biographies and true stories of the fashion icons in the area of the design you’re interested. Learn all the pros and cons of their experiences and think how can use their experience to improve yours. For example, if you want to jump into the eco-fashion, good designers there are many pioneers in the matter whose experiences have been documented, such as the book of TOMS, Blake Mycoskie, founder “start something that matters, or any of Anita Roddick on all the already counted but relevant in the beauty industry.
  • If you’re planning to show people your designs, think how you would see wearing them.



  • The fashion industry is extremely competitive; It pursues a career in fashion only if you dedicate yourself 100% to this field. Also help purchase hardness and learn to discern the critical early – most of the criticisms come from frustration, and if you believe in yourself, you know tell when criticisms are minimal or simply unpleasant.
  • Working as a designer can be a strenuous race. You need to be willing to work longer hours for the intended initially to meet the deadlines.
  • Design for walkways and luxury fashion shows will make you come into direct contact with the most challenging aspects of the industry, including using models with low weight so that they conform to the size (making potentially complicit in supporting unhealthy images of men and women), the malice of some designers and elite of the industry of fashion and extremely difficult orders including tight deadlines. If you’re not already a firm person, it would be smart to spend time improving your skills when it comes to communicating and maintaining your principles.