10 movies for every designer and creative

Every Designer or creative has the gift of having taste for visual culture. Aware that being a Designer is to be working within the branches of art, the need becomes even greater.

One of the many inspirations that can tell a Designer or creative is the seventh art. As viewers wanted a visual stimulus by them, either by his art, costumes, script or Photo address.

onstant sometimes are looking for films that have a striking and original visual proposal, it is not necessary to have the best script within the industry, if that non-unique.

A film serves as a reference to a Designer, can help you develop the eye in terms of visual and aesthetic composition, and influence it for future projects.

Here are a list of 10 films recommended by youtubeonfire that every Designer and creative should see for your visual proposal, his use of color and composition.

For his handling of color
These films are characterized by using a color palette that highlights in the eyes of all the spectators. His images are clean and mixed typefaces and original music that inspire every designer. The colors that stand out in these films are the ochres, Greens and reds.

1-Amelie (2001) director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Amelie Da Vinci Estudio Grafico

2-The Fall (2006) director: Tarsem Singh


3-Melancholia (2011) director: Lars von Trier


4-Moonrise Kingdom (2012) director: Wes Anderson


5-The Shining (1980) director: Stanley Kubrick


6.-Moulin Rouge! (2001) director: Baz Luhrmann


7-Pan’s Labyrinth (2004) director: Guillermo Del T



8.-Single Man (2009) Director: Tom Ford


9-Where the Wild Thing Are (2009) director: Spike Jonze


10-The Science to Sleep (2006) director: Michel Gondry


How to make a good movie poster

The movie posters are famous artifacts. They symbolize the glorious era of cinema and show what the film is about. A good poster can sell the film itself only. So, how is a poster for a film?

imagen 7


  1. Start by seeing the movie several times (you can visit movietubenow for as many movies as you expect); in this way you will have a clear idea of your argument and the best way to express that concept. Once you understand what it is about the film, you must concentrate on the special effects. Was there any effect that you’ve considered surprising? There is a scene in the film that says it all? Looking for an image of that scene and import it into Photoshop.
  2. Check out the frames. Choose one or several photos showing the main cast, particularly to the protagonists, and also put them into Photoshop.
  3. Sorts the frames so that they are attractive to the eye and to express the concept of the film. Select a color that complements the details of the Fund and which at the same time highlight the for the title.
  4. Write the title using the text tool of Photoshop. The title and the sentence must be sufficiently prominent to be read from a distance. They can have different fonts, but it is convenient that they are at least similar. All other information (for example, “coming soon to cinemas”) should also have a similar font. However, this is not to add too much text; otherwise the images, which are those actually sold the film, will be upstaged.
  5. Use a small font, not bold, to add information about key players and the cast, i.e., appropriations. In general, these data are included at the bottom of the poster;However, you can reverse the order and locate the text at the top where the image elsewhere is shocking. You have your movie poster; You can print it in any printing or House of photography.


From a Ferrari belonging to the legendary actor Alain Delon to extravagant Cabriolet used by King Farouk I of Egypt, they integrate the Baillon collection which remained forgotten for more than fifty years in stores and barns of a French-owned

For more than half a century, cars belonging to the newly-discovered collection Baillon remained forgotten in stores and barns of a property located in the West of France.

The vehicles that make up this collection were acquired by businessman Roger Baillon, who headed a transport company and intended to mount a museum with these specimens.

The collection is composed by 60 models that represent a unique find for diversity and the exquisiteness of the parts.

Recently, the Artcurial auction house has announced the sale of the listed models, several of which predate World War I, advises the site Russia Today.

JR shares them today images in this collection, which illustrates much of the history of automobile design.

Found models constitute milestones in design concessionnaire auto occasion the 70’s and the early years of the 20th century.

In the catalog of the newly discovered collection Baillon there are treasures like the Maserati A6G great Sports of 1956, of which there are only three copies.

An extravagant cabriolet which belonged to King Farouk I de Egipto is part of the collection Baillon.

The Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider in the collection belonged to Alain Delon.Among the photos that exist of the actor behind the wheel, there is one of 1964 in which poses with Jane Fonda during the filming of the film ‘The cats’ (René Clément, 1964) and another on the French Riviera with Shirley MacLaine. It is estimated that you can reach 12 million euros at auction.

Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider of 1961 and Maserati A6G great Sport of 1956, two of the most sought-after vehicles in the collection.

The entrepreneur Roger Baillon collected these cars with the intention of creating a museum that would bring together its most valuable specimens.

Vehicles of the newly discovered collection Baillon has been saved during this time in a property West of France.

How to start as a fashion designer

There is no formal education or qualification required to become a successful designer, but this does not make it be easier. You need to have a mix of drawing, sewing and design skills, knowledge of the industry of fashion and perseverance without equal. In this article you’ll find some ideas that may help you get started.

Method 1 of 5: perfecting your skills in fashion design

  1. Become a Fashion Designer Step 1 Version 2.jpg

    Develops your skills. Successful fashion designers have a wide range of skills, including drawing, eye for color and texture, ability to visualize concepts in three dimensions and mechanical skills relating to cutting and preparation of all types of fabrics.

    • Take sewing classes if still you do not master well this ability. It is imperative to be able to sew difficult fabrics under complicated situations when you design clothes. You need to feel safe using the sewing machines, including the industrial and also need to be good sewing by hand.
    • Learn how to create patterns. Know how to identify a style that you like and play back it on a free pattern you will be in a good place throughout your career but you must keep improving it is a skill that not everyone possesses.
    • Understands how move fabrics, how they fall, they sweat, they react when sunsets, etc. Your in-depth knowledge of fabrics is absolutely essential to use them appropriately when designing. You should also know where to buy them.
    • Learn about designers as existing, not only who they are, but their backgrounds, their signature style, was the first thing they learned. Knowing this will help you be a better designer because you can borrow and create from your ideas.
    • Learn how to create storyboards and product ranges. I know good looking for trends through the media, comparison shopping and fashion exchange programs.
  2. Become a Fashion Designer Step 2 Version 2.jpg

    Begins to develop these skills and young. Be prepared to devote hours and hours of your time to improve your work.

    • Learn more. If you can, it is a good idea to obtain a diploma or certificate in fashion design or similar. You will learn many things, make excellent contacts from the beginning and will have an ample opportunity to show off your skills in a less judicious environment (though be prepared to receive criticism!). Get one (or two) of the following things:
    • Get a degree in fashion design. Most of these races are three or four years. In your country you will find at least two schools or universities from the most popular to carry out these studies. Study drawing, color and composition, creating patterns and cover. In addition to also learn practical skills like these, you’ll work with professionals in the industry will be important contacts in the future that will advise you and make constructive comments about your work.
  3. Become a Fashion Designer Step 3 Version 2.jpg
    Requested a period of learning or practices. If the school is not for you, or simply believe that the experience will be most beneficial for you, is where do internship as a designer. You need to have a portfolio that can impress when you ask for it and want to start from the bottom; in practice people often receive mere tasks like carrying coffee. Again, the contacts you make through your internship or period of learning will be vital when it comes to pursue your career in the fashion world, and work with industry professionals will give you the opportunity to absorb and develop important skills first hand.

Method 2 of 5: searching for what fashion is your passion

  1. 1

    Decide which design is your main interest. You may need to start from the bottom, but you need to have a goal in mind of what kind of style you want design throughout your life. Are high fashion, casual, sporty, interested mostly for the public at large or small as the organic clothing? Each has its advantages and disadvantages that you need to explore before deciding finally what path to follow. Within these fields, you will also need to decide which sub-area will belong your design. You may want to start in a couple of areas, but you do not lay too since it is better to improve an area and then experience when you have a hole in the industry. For example:

    • Day of the woman, women sleepwear clothing.
    • Day of man, male sleepwear clothing.
    • Ninoas/as clothes; Youth clothing.
    • Sportswear / gym.
    • Point items.
    • Outdoor, adventure activities.
    • Wedding.
    • Accessories.
  2. Become a Fashion Designer Step 4 Version 2.jpg
    Design for theatre, film and advertising industry and sale to the retail.
  3. Become a Fashion Designer Step 5 Version 2.jpg
    Plans to some strong points. What is your strong absolute in design? Perhaps you’re a genius with accessories or yoga pants. Your passion and skills are the most important part of the equation. Of course, the second part is to fit this in to the market, which in fashion is in part to convince the market and partly to realize what the market is asking.

Method 3 of 5: deciding if the fashion industry is ready for you

  1. 1


    • Evaluate your skills and personality honestly before pursuing a career in the world of fashion design. You can’t love the clothes but the clothing is only part of the story when you first start in fashion design. You will also need a few communication skills excellent, desire to work very hard (usually 24/7), be hard to accept criticisms, ability to manage stress, be open to have many customers and heads various, accept that there will be occasions where you are alone or isolated (depending on how approaches your business career or design) and the ability to be disciplined.
    • Being a designer it is possible for you if: like to fully devote your life to this race (is your “vocation”), not you restless uncertainty or insecurity, are willing to reaffirm you in what you believe, have different ideas about what is important in fashion, listening well to customers, know the fashion industry inside and out and live you eat and breathe fashion.
  2. Become a Fashion Designer Step 6.jpg
    Be a designer not possible for you if: You can not handle stress well, you don’t like uncertainty or instability, like a career without many high or low, you need others to praise your efforts, need you to guide, hate to be economically unstable and have other many interests in your life.

Method 4 of 5: preparing for success

  1. 1


    • Learn more about the economic side of fashion. Be a successful fashion designer not only talent and creativity, also requires some knowledge of Economics and marketing from the fashion world. Keep you informed regularly of the events in the fashion industry reading periodicals in this world.
    • Many fashion design programs include courses in marketing. Some grades give more importance to marketing than others, so make sure you do a broad search for what will be the course you choose. If you have already studied some of these courses but not deepened in some aspects of the marketing/business, consider making short courses on these aspects of the business.
    • Learn beyond design. There is a whole chain throughout the fashion industry and you need to understand what is the work of each, so you can also see things from their perspective, and thus commit, fulfill orders and understand towards where things are going. Search about what others do, such as buyers, advertisers, pattern makers, experts in garments and fabrics, quality drivers, students, workers, responsible for sales, PR and marketing, fashion journalists, retailers, stylists people, and more.
    • Meet your customer. This skill is basic and essential and a fashion designer should never lose her sight. You know how much your customers spend, what are their lifestyles, where they like to buy, how they like to buy and what they like or not. You know what are absolute necessities and what are the things you buy only when revenues are less tight. If you have marketing, you should have a solid understanding of how to work with the needs of customers.
    • You know your competitors. Always keep an eye on what they are doing the rest of designers from your area of interest. Better still, overcoming them while you meet your customer’s needs.
  2. Become a Fashion Designer Step 7.jpg
    Markets are a great place to develop a better understanding of how it works in the fashion industry and what will work you to you in terms of complying with the needs of the customer and be competent.
  3. 3

    Looking for a fashion design job near me.

    There are several ways to find work in the industry of fashion as a designer, and they depend on the type of design in which you are interested. In some cases, being versatile will help you much, enough so that you acquire experience and you can then jump to your true passion. And in most cases, you will need to be persistent and ask many squares to get where you want. For those who start, some of the places where ask work include:

    • Existing firms and designers – seeks to make practical, jobs gaining the minimum wage, Assistant designers, etc.
    • Jobs at film studios, theaters, costumes, etc.
    • Online ads through various agencies work online.
  4. Become a Fashion Designer Step 8.jpg
    Word of mouth – uses your school or contacts in the industry to make you a hole. In an industry that values what people that is already inside have to say, this is a good way to start.
  5. 5
    If you open your own design, be prepared to be economically shrewd business. You can be exceptionally creative but estate completely sure that if you manage your own fashion company, will need to have tables for the business. You need to understand the numbers and bills that are stacked on your table. If you really hate these things, there are good choices, ask an accountant to be responsible for all financial matters, but yet you are still paying to keep you at the top. And if you really, really, hate this aspect of the world, looking for work as a fashion designer at a firm rather than your own.
  6. Become a Fashion Designer Step 9.jpg
    What kind of trader you will be? There are many possibilities, including the living alone, with partners, companies, etc. Each has distinct advantages and disadvantages that you should consult with your legal and financial advisors before proceeding. Make sure you have legal cover under all circumstances, especially if you move into a particular litigant culture.
  7. 7

    Be realistic. You may be willing to move to win your market but it depends on how you work and bandages. Being realistic means to recognize that it makes no sense trying to sell Couture people who only want to work in a small town clothes while it is not good to try to sell a bikini to an Eskimo. You will need to focus on where is likely to be your market and think well if you will be living and working in the same place or how best to distribute your products from your area to the place where it will sell better.

    • Keep in mind the influences that surround you. As a creative person, part of your creative process comes from being with people they untie him through your ideas and suggestions. It is harder to do this single or working alongside people who have the same taste or sense of fashion than you.
    • Remember that seasonal changes impact on fashion design and that they can influence the type of clothing that you are taking place and where you want to sell it.
    • Consider the power of selling online. Making you with images of great quality in three dimensions and that they might be more close or be rotated, selling your designs around the world today is another possibility. This allows you to have greater flexibility to choose where to live and design and reduces travel to work every day to zero. This may be the ideal plan if you have idea of staying in a small fashion firm. Even so, should be possible to travel to major fashion shows.
    • Living in a city with a thriving design industry is good for many designers.According to the Global Language Monitor (GLM), the following cities were the main fashion capitals in 2012, in descending order:
      • London, England
      • New York, USA
      • Barcelona, Spain
      • Paris, France
      • Madrid, Spain
      • Rome, Italy
      • Sao Palo, Brazil
      • Milan, Italy
      • Los Angeles, USA
      • Berlin, Germany

Method 5 of 5: create your Portfolio

  1. Become a Fashion Designer Step 10.jpg

    Brings your work in a portfolio. Your design portfolio will be vital when you look for work or practices, since it is your opportunity to sell yourself and your work.Your portfolio should show your best work, and highlight your skills and creativity. Use a folder of quality to show that you take yourself seriously as a designer. It includes the following things in your portfolio:

    • Sketches made by hand or photographs of these sketches.
    • Designs made to computer.
    • Curriculum Vitae.
    • Samples.
    • Presentation of colors or textiles.
    • Any other example that reflects exactly what you are capable of doing and what can evolve.
  • Create a good logo if you manage your own fashion company. You will define your style from the beginning and therefore need to be good since that time. It is worth hiring a graphic designer if you well this aspect.
  • Take your own designs-all you can. Better way of promoting your clothing that carry it? When the people ask you, be prepared to explain everything in a brief and concise way but to call the attention of which you asked.
  • If you start your own fashion company, you need a good advice from the beginning.Surround yourself with a team of advisors financial, legal and marketing of trust, and pay according to what they need instead of having them in template.
  • Learn from the beginning to prepare acceptable snacks and meals. The hours can be very long to designing fashion, and it can sometimes be impossible to leave your “creative place”. Your brain needs a good nutrition, so remember bring meals and healthy snacks that you can take to stay after the intellectual and physical effort going from one side to another without “die of hunger”.
  • I read a lot. Find the biographies and true stories of the fashion icons in the area of the design you’re interested. Learn all the pros and cons of their experiences and think how can use their experience to improve yours. For example, if you want to jump into the eco-fashion, good designers there are many pioneers in the matter whose experiences have been documented, such as the book of TOMS, Blake Mycoskie, founder “start something that matters, or any of Anita Roddick on all the already counted but relevant in the beauty industry.
  • If you’re planning to show people your designs, think how you would see wearing them.



  • The fashion industry is extremely competitive; It pursues a career in fashion only if you dedicate yourself 100% to this field. Also help purchase hardness and learn to discern the critical early – most of the criticisms come from frustration, and if you believe in yourself, you know tell when criticisms are minimal or simply unpleasant.
  • Working as a designer can be a strenuous race. You need to be willing to work longer hours for the intended initially to meet the deadlines.
  • Design for walkways and luxury fashion shows will make you come into direct contact with the most challenging aspects of the industry, including using models with low weight so that they conform to the size (making potentially complicit in supporting unhealthy images of men and women), the malice of some designers and elite of the industry of fashion and extremely difficult orders including tight deadlines. If you’re not already a firm person, it would be smart to spend time improving your skills when it comes to communicating and maintaining your principles.

A unique bookshelf

Surely you have a time thinking that you would like to have some furniture or bookshelves to your taste, are tired of seeing the typical square or rectangular forms, which is time for a change.

Just the other day happened us something like, a girl he had seen a Bookshelf with the shape of the flag of the United States and she thought sure it would be great to have a bookcase shaped like Spain.


muebles con diseños en forma de países


We were investigating on the Survey Websites and found this shelf and we go on an adventure to get the design from a rack for a hole of a ladder, this time in the shape of Spain. We imagine this bookshelf full of books and souvenirs, and got a design that we now must look.

Muebles con diseño único

We love the result and we think that this is the future of home, get that every detail be customized, to speak of oneself and make you feel that you are actually in your House. Can you imagine to make exclusive designs in every corner of your home? It is now possible.

Think of an idea and tell us, surely we can give you the shape you can imagine.

In CAtoday, exclusive design and personalization are keys to getting the home of your dreams and all of this together made handcrafted furniture makes us get results like this.

 New challenges in decoration struggling to break the rules, within the standard styles, giving a 180 degree turn to each piece, handcrafted, to achieve results that you had never thought of. A dream to get it and a challenge for us.

We suggest you think in that way that round your head to personalize your home and tell us, surely we can put it into practice.

Told the girl that designed this shelving that, since then, you can not stop looking at the shelf every day and who now feel that your home is unique. Do you dare to live this experience?

If you like this post, share it on your social networks can help a friend or family member that you inspire with the construction or renovation of your home.

15 designer chairs that will make your guests will not want to go home

Chairs in the form of animals



They are specially made for animal lovers who will enjoy them while decorating their homes.

A very original idea.

Ghost Chair


This peculiar chair will not leave indifferent to any of your visits at home and history can decorate your home with spooky touches that will keep them entertained for hours.

The magic chair



If you want to give a scare to your mother, feel it in this chair and make her believe he can finish break at any time.

Meanwhile, you can fantasize that actually do and falls helplessly.

Chair petal



Chairs that look really comfortable as you imagine you’re in the middle of nature. Chairs shaped suitcase



They are unique and truly original while seem quite spacious and comfortable chairs.

You will rest while thinking about your next trip around the world.

Chair with legs


If you do not fancy bump legs and makes this chair for you, so do not say that inanimate objects are boring.

Chair skull



This chair designed by chairhire.london is not suitable for heart and that is if you sit on it can not think of anything that is not so dark in the chair where you sit bold. Chair cactus



For the most inopportune visits, you get that much time is left in your house not bothering whether sit in these chairs with spikes.

Invisible chair



The chairs of the images show a curious optical effect in which they seem to lack the forelegs.

Very imaginative and beautiful for any room in the house.

Rock chair



The removable seat that seem easy to handle and hide almost anywhere. Above seems quite comfortable and nice.

Silla house


You can read or just relax in the most intimate way possible with this chair that you can relax while doing what you love. armchair library



This handy chair will serve as place to read, watch TV, etc and place of storage.

You can put all your favorite books or magazines without you take up more room in your house and you even be a custom chair for you and truly original.

Chair hanger


You never know where to put your bag when you go somewhere, or when you get home? Your problems with this practical and decorative chair over.

Stacking chairs



You will not believe the number of seats which are hidden in the image. A very good idea to arrange the chairs without taking up much space in your home.

The Design at the Spa: Essential Features

“The challenge of good design and decoration Spa is to create the atmosphere where the client breathes peace and tranquility and in which welfare is achieved through a full, unique and harmonious feeling”

A Spa can create feelings of harmony, peace, relaxation and balance, and exclusivity, simplicity and luxury, and this is achieved through the design and decoration. How Come? Based on the principle that the customer what they want is a place to relax and beautify, but while carrying it through the senses to relax. So the design must combine with functional sensory.

You should consider lighting and their respective sets of light, shapes, textures, colors, natural or created sounds and smells enhance the five human senses and a Spa, a place that by definition evokes filled environments sensations, pleasant most of them; ie the design in a Spa evokes at all times his philosophy, concept and service. But also, the design alludes to give value to the product Spa, especially in these times where the increase in such places has soared since the client to have so many different offers seeks those who will represent and communicate something. No less important is to understand the design in terms of differentiation tool in order to provide customers a unique product in the market.

Because of these reasons, the Spa should consider their patterns of design and decoration before opening or if you are thinking about remodeling, depending on the type of service offered and with due expert advice on design Spa, because the characteristics of a place of this nature differ by far from home or a department store.


Key aspects to care and must pervade the whole philosophy of the Spa are the environment and design, along with the letter of treatments and careful customer.

To achieve a perfect balance of mind and spirit space is important to carefully design. The materials used must be the closest to the earth, stone, wood, glass; it is also important guidance, light, and environment, preferably in natural areas, in the countryside, the sea or gardens designed for this purpose.

As the Spa has two main areas: the area moist (not less than 35% of total space) and the dry cabinet or area with the rest of complementary facilities (about 50%) should take care of the following:

  1. Space: In general, the day spa nyc is closed spaces, with simple to harmonize with objects, colors and textures architectural lines. The space should communicate calm and quiet, so that all elements converge in it should be in order and harmony, from the colors, furniture, ornaments, fragrances, textiles, finishes, since all together reflects a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

For large Spas (Destination and Resort) seeks to design cabinets are themed according to treatments, for example, ethnic or oriental style environments.

  1. Stillness: A calm environment conducive states of relaxation and serenity, hence the Spa this is believed by music and light. The use of neutral colors also enhances the sense of isolation and stillness.
  2. Color: The use of chromotherapy in Spa allows to create certain environments that positively influence the mood of the customer. Thus, the blue is recommended for areas of water, as it carries feeling of relaxation; light green is another option, as it conveys balance. Yellow and orange are often used for reception areas or clothing as convey joy and optimism.
  3. Lighting: Undoubtedly, the effect light has on the client falls for it to reach states of deep relaxation and enjoy your treatment. For example, we recommend using adjustable lighting intensity, providing a safe environment. You can also use the dim lighting of candles; its flashing invites relaxation and a good way to create an intimate atmosphere.
  4. Temperature: The temperature felt that deprives within the Spa should be nice enough to make the customer feel at ease, for this you can get the temperature is stable across multiple systems to condition the environment. Care must be taken that airflow in a clean and pure, avoiding annoying drafts.

In Spas Destination or Resort, you often take advantage of the natural climate, so the service treatment abroad is normal in these cases only recommended care for the orientation of the sun and wind protection, previously analyzed climate and temperature of the area.

  1. Aromas: The Spa at large must design the cabinets and the whole place itself, with good ventilation, not only for better air circulation, but also for the customer to better appreciate the different flavors that are used during treatment. Smells arouse emotions and memory more directly than any other sense, allowing extract the body and “clean” the spirit. The sense of smell can be awakened by using aromas, through diffusers, scented candles or burners, that pervade both treatment areas as public (reception, clothing, etc.).
  2. Textures: Spa surfaces should invite to play, so usually warm surfaces, such as wood or natural stone, which transmit vitality and serenity. The marbles are colder, although convey a sense of aseptic and clean space.

And … how much functionality of the design?

The two areas that make up the Spa itself possess features that go beyond the interior design have to do with its functionality.

The wet area is the common area where hydrothermal treatments are performed collectively in it are:

Pools:   Waterbeds, jets as duckbill and / or gooseneck, geyser, waterfall, countercurrent corridor, as well as additional elements: hall way,jacuzzi, cold water pool, warm and hot. They all must be maintained as the corresponding temperature treatment by thermostats, and must be filtered and sterilized. This requires the provision of systems that allow constant water recirculation passage through filters at the right speed, plus the HVAC / air dehumidification, lighting and the right sound.

Hydrotherapy showers: Scottish, bitérmica, bucket, with aromas circular. Usually of 1 m2, while the hygiene shower, for example, can be 80 or 90 cm.

Steam and saunas: Steam baths, and dry saunas should be sized and located according to their strategy use; whether it is available separately for women and men, or both as a whole; and its surface should be estimated based on the degree of simultaneous occupation that is intended to satisfy.

Lying area: The space must also be provided to the concurrence deemed receive, and it will determine the amount of chairs, lounge chairs or loungers to be provided. The area should have a soothing decor and usually oriented landscapes and natural images. This is an area where the water / mineral balance is sought after treatment and where the customer seeks half hour break or so.

While the dry cabinet or area can range from 4-6 m 2 to 6-9 m 2 . In them the provision of a service or individual or couples massage is performed by the therapist.

Cabinets can be wet or dry type; for example, in the wet type Vichy treatments, whirlpool and blasting are given. In terms of design should consider the following:

  • Adjustable lighting
  • Slip floor
  • Drainage system
  • Bars and handrails to steady
  • Paredes suitable for cleaning with water
  • Alarm Device
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Adjustable Climate

Regarding the dry cabinets should care:

  • Height, a high cabinet is usually cold and sensitive to any outside noise
  • Massage bed should preferably facing north, because it promotes the flow of energy from the patient
  • Electrical power installations and discrete water
  • Indirect, dimmable light facial massage and a harder type
  • Relaxing colors

The reception should have a proportional size to the number of customers who expect to receive and dispose of a certain number of seats for timely accommodation if necessary. In addition to the appropriate display of products marketed by the Spa. Also, from this area, you should see the entrance to the collective area and locker rooms. In this area requires a small deposit for towels, robes and accessories, along with baskets for disposable use.


Remember that as you look after the details of the design of your Spa will provide the customer not only quality service but a single space, so be aware if:

  • Details: You have to play with the combination of sounds, smells, lights, contacts, etc., so that a pleasing to the senses environment is created.
  • Synergies: Join the beautiful with the functional to allow harmony of design and ease of maintenance.
  • Exclusivity: Implement spaces that allow only the Spa treatments provided and there is nothing like or similar on the market.
  • Balance: Find the exact ratio between the number of wet and dry cabinets.
  • Water: The conditions and water temperature must meet the requirements of each specific space. Water has an intrinsic value.
  • Hygiene: Cleaning: no trace of dirt.

Always weigh the function of design, concept and balance. All these parts are important in creating the appearance and overall feelings of what the Spa experience, increase customer feelings through proper interaction of colors, shades, shapes, and so on.

The most important in the interior design of a Spa aspects are space, quietness, light, smell and touch.

Halloween Happenings In Columbia, South Carolina

There are numerous fun Halloween exercises going ahead in Columbia, South Carolina this fall. Celebrations, corn mazes, and pumpkin patches can be delighted in by the whole crew. Here are a couple of the most prominent Halloween happenings around town.

Commend harvest time at the Clemson University Sandhill Research and Education Center’s Fall Festival, which runs from October 1-29. More youthful youngsters will appreciate the corn maze, pumpkin fix, hayrides, and petting zoo. The spooky woodland and jamboree rides offer a fun time for more seasoned youth. The celebration is open Tuesday through Saturday, with times and occasions changing every day. Confirmation is $10 for grown-ups and $5 for a long time 4-12. Youngsters age 3 and under are conceded free. Fair ride tickets are sold independently. The celebration site is found at 900 Clemson Road, crosswise over from the Village at Sandhill.


Children ages 12 and under can put on their ensembles and appreciate Boo at the Zoo. A paramount night of fun incorporates the outfit parade, some Creepy Creature Encounters, and the Trick or Treat Trail. The current year’s occasion is planned for October 14-16 and 22-30 from 6-9pm. Ticket costs are $8. The Riverbanks Zoo is placed at 500 Wildlife Parkway.

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Halloween exercises are a fall custom at the Clinton Sease Farm in close-by Lexington, South Carolina. Families can appreciate a hayride and choose the ideal pumpkin at the Pumpkin Patch, which is open through October 30. The corn maze is extraordinary a good time for families or gatherings. The corn maze subject for 2011 is knights and winged serpents, and the maze will be open through November 20. Make a point to bring a spotlight on the off chance that you plan to do the maze after dim. More youthful kids may appreciate the kiddie corn maze or the marshmallow maze, and also the play area and titan slide. The ranch’s blessing shop offers jams, fruit extract, and fall décor. The Snack Shack offers sausage, burgers, and snacks. Clinton Sease Farm is open on Fridays from 6-11pm, Saturdays from 10am-11pm, and Sundays from 2-7pm. Corn maze tickets are $10 every individual. The ranch is placed at 404 Old Farm Road in Lexington.


Harmon’s Tree Farm, a short commute west of Columbia in Gilbert, South Carolina, offers a Pumpkin Patch and other regular exercises through Halloween. The Haunted Hayride, Boo House, Black Hole Vortex, and smaller than expected golf are all valued independently. Huge Mama’s Café serves full dinners, sandwiches, and custom made dessert. Harmon’s is spotted at 3152 Augusta Highway (US 1). Hours are Monday through Friday from 1-6pm, Saturday from 10am-6pm, and Sunday from 1:30-6pm.


There are a lot of occasional exercises to appreciate consistently in October. Get in the Halloween soul and look at some of these family top pick

Design award for baby room

If you are preparing your baby’s room, look how good ideas have this bedroom and children’s games. Sonia has designed Justo, Madrid, for his daughter Noa, and has won the Nuna Living Space Family Desing Award Best Design of Spain.  The room features best baby carrier for dad and other necessary tools to take care of your baby. According to  reviews baby carriers, this room provides a fantastic environment for the baby’s growth.


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Prize for the best design of spaces for baby

Room winning "Best room for the baby"

Room winning “Best room for the baby”